Today’s fiercely competitive global economy raises the stakes in every industry.
Including higher education.

To succeed, modern educational institutions need to learn lessons from business. They must become lean, move faster, and grow more efficient – all the while reinforcing core capabilities, finding fresh sources of differentiation, and developing capacity for continued change.

Mindstream’s expertise in operations covers:

Cost Efficiency

We work with you to find and implement methods to improve cash flow. Our toolkit begins with a comprehensive examination of finances and processes, then yields specific recommendations for freeing cash and cutting operations costs. And we track success over successive time periods.
We look beyond cost management and focus on maximizing the income-generating potential of employed capital. Our approach seeks to optimize the productivity of both current and fixed assets, thereby releasing cash that can be put to more-strategic use.

Lean Services

For us at Mindstream, becoming lean means roots-up transformation of how you do business. We show you ways to integrate strategy, operational effectiveness, staff engagement, and performance management to arrive at holistic success.


Rapid Cash Generation

We look for opportunities to quickly reduce outflow by defining clear cost-cutting targets and prioritizing activities that generate funds.

Process Redesign

Precise measurement of processes’ time investment, costs, error counts, volumes, and other details helps identify inefficiencies – and informs redesign that saves money and spurs improvement.

Value-Based Cost Reduction

Our investigation helps determine the most essential functions for your institution, as well as the unnecessary or redundant ones you can cut.