People in collaboration – that’s the basis of today’s higher education.

The everyday education, research, and service achievements of your institution can’t happen without teams of people working together. Those people include not just educators and administrators, but players in a wide variety of fields from counseling and coding to finance and facilities maintenance.

We craft solutions for you that improve employee engagement and organizational performance – with the result of cultural buy-in and organic change that creates real value over the long term.

Mindstream helps clients address challenges in:

Organization Design

By combining your input, our impartial analysis, and current research in organizational design, we can recommend structure modifications and process flows that maximize efficiency, management effectiveness, cooperation, and employee commitment – and limit personnel turbulence.

Human Resources

We bring personnel and employment best practices from across the nation to bear on your challenges. Our recommendations on policy and practices both streamline processes and eradicate wasted time and money.

Change Management

To gain maximum value, we recommend adopting change management capabilities through six key actions:

  • Create the change agenda
  • Mobilize the institution
  • Hard-wire the organization for change
  • Manage for results
  • Communicate strategically and consistently
  • Sustain and reinvent change as necessary

Opportunities to Reduce Complexity

We use our suite of tools to effectively identify and assess spans of control and excess structural layers – to pinpoint ways to simplify your organization.

Identification of the Right Problems

Because our analysis searches for root causes of issues, the solutions we propose solve the right problems, rather than mere symptoms.

Effective Organization Modeling

Our role-mandating and decision-rights process allows you to assign the right accountabilities, so you can be sure the chosen organization model is the one that will work most effectively for you.