Developing Next Year's

Let us help you with a no-cost diagnostic that will generate revenue scenarios by changing these variables:

  • 1st Year Enrollment
  • 1st year to 2nd year Retention
  • First year Market Price
  • Endowment to Operating Expenses ratio

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The Mindstream Diagnostic

The pandemic has made budget development and planning difficult. We developed a unique diagnostic tool for you to use during this uncertain time. Take advantage of our latest research. Get a no cost diagnostic report tailored for your institution.

Market Stress Test Score




Our Mindstream Diagnostic

uses methodology developed by Robert Zemsky, Susan Shaman and Susan Campbell Baldridge, as laid out in their book, “The College Stress Test” to paint a holistic picture of your financial position (secure revenue streams and reasonable expenditures) and market position (stable and sustained enrollments), and how they relate to each other.

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What’s in the report

  • A Market Stress Test Score that tracks changes over time in these key market and financial components: your First year Market Price, 1st year to 2nd year Retention, 1st year Enrollment and the ratio of the Endowment to Operating Expenses. Each component derives from institutional data available from IPEDS.
  • A Comparison, which benchmarks your college or university against similar institutions based on IPEDS region and average first year enrollments
  • A Revenue Scenario generator that enables you to vary the key market and financial components.

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